Welcome to Terenure Enterprise Centre, a haven for those Starting in Business since 1984. Our art deco building was once the Classic Cinema in Terenure and now provides small business owners and entrepreneurs with professional incubation space at affordable prices and on flexible terms.

Starting A Business

Business Ideas

There are several ways to help you identify a business idea, however, before you start you need to consider your approach and start thinking like an entrepreneur – laterally! By solving those niggling problems, you just might find a new business under your nose! Use your own experience, watch current trends and look out for changes in legislation which may open up a new market opportunity.

Entrepreneur Fundamentals

  • Review your entrepreneurial traits and personal skills inventory
  • Consider your motivation for starting in business
  • Identify and develop a business idea
  • Understand legal structures & choose the right one for your business

Business Planning

  • Identify the key elements of a business plan
  • Understand important role of business planning
  • Use your plan to set and review business targets

Marketing, Market Research and Sales

  • Explore customer-centred marketing
  • Marketing, Market Research and Sales
  • Assess and research the market opportunities
  • Understand the 4 P’s (product, price, promotion and place)
  • Develop advertising/promotional plan for start up business

Financial Planning

  • Identify your business start up costs
  • Estimate your business income and expenditure
  • Understand difference between cash-flow and profit

Networking and Influencing People

  • Appreciate the importance of networking for your business
  • Identify benefits and blocks to effective networking
  • Develop and deliver your business elevator pitch

Finance and Taxation

  • Identify book-keeping decisions for your business
  • Manage business receipts and invoices effectively
  • Understand tax registration process for different legal structures

Sources of Finance

  • Assess your funding needs and opportunities
  • Review the main causes of rejection of business loan applications
  • Explore fund-raising options including local enterprise offices, government bodies and financial institutions and crowdfunding.

Using the Internet and Social Media to advance your business

  • Review various internet business models
  • Understand the costs of setting up your business on-line
  • Identify ways to use the internet and social media as a business marketing tool
  • Introduction to Search Engine Optimisation (SEO)

Goal setting & Effective Time management

  • Explore your personal management of time
  • Identify how to develop an effective time schedule
  • Review business prioritisation process
  • Identify your business SMART goals

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